You are INTELid.

A decentralized ecosystem where you own and control your verified data. Share your verified data when you want. Share as much as you want. Share only with who you want.

Other Counterparties

Transact directly with third-parties on a confidential, anonymous basis

Financial Institutions

Facilitate loans, and other banking transactions with confidence

Token Issuers

Invest in new issue tokens without having to divulge personal data


Trade on exchanges with confidence that your personal data is safe

Decentralized confidential anonymous

INTELid™ data can be used to help organizations satisfy AML, KYC and Accredited Investor obligations. This same data can be used to help facilitate qualified Peer-to-Peer transactions.

  • Verified Identification
  • Secondary Market and and OTC Transactions
  • Loans
  • Securities Tokens
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Utility Tokens

Transaction facilitation

Sample transaction using INTELid™ technology

  • INTELid™ Verified data
  • Seller Verified Asset
  • Buyer Verified Asset
  • Transaction Settlement