Developing Transparent, Accountable Licensable Technology Supporting Global Environmentental Impact Initiatives & Csr Programs.

Omaat/Cuipo Background


Launched Global Community committed to rainforest preservation


Empower corporates & individuals to join block chain social responsibility platform

With the omaat token

Consumer purchases accompany immediate correlated carbon/land preservation offset


Have proven track record creating, launching and scaling consumer facing technology platforms

Omaat/Cuipo Partnerships

Token Foundry

ConsenSys (Etherium) internal token venture studio

Conservation Authority

World’s Leading Rainforest conservation authority

Ushuaia Ibiza

Largest European nightclub Group

Rpm Presents

Largest New York independent event promoter

What is Cuipo?

“One Meter at a Time” OMAAT LTD.

Through a combination of Blockchain based patented ecommerce technology, natural capital land acquisition, and tokenizing one square meter of land at a time; OMAAT will democratize the purchase and protection of natural capital by creating an open and transparent global commonwealth of land asset owners.

The OMAAT’s business model is to help preserve the Rainforest utilizing a large natural land reserve. OMAAT’s consumer-focused resale initiative will use online ecommerce sales and corporate (CSR) ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ programs, in addition to product licensing opportunities. The initial target is to scale OMAAT through its registered brands ‘Cuipo’ ‘D41M’ and ‘CuipoCoin’ to protect 1 billion square meters of Rainforest. OMAAT’s goal is to preserve the large Rainforests of Central and South America, which are critical for climate mitigation and biosphere regeneration.

The Cuipo Rainforest Reserves in Central and South America represent some of the most diverse and critically endangered rainforests and biospheres in the world. OMAAT’s registered brand Cuipo ( previously featured on CNBC, is based in London and is set to join one of the most-high profile and successful start-up accelerator and technology communities of all time: RocketSpace. RocketSpace has nurtured from start-up to acquisition 18 Unicorns including Spotify, Uber, Hootsuite and over 1000 other tech businesses.

OMAAT specializes in developing technologies and infrastructure to save and protect endangered lands by the digitisation of conservation efforts, achieved through a patented virtual grid system and tokenization method “one square meter at a time”. Multiple revenue streams are generated through consumer land ownership; the launch of our proprietary cryptocurrency, product licensing, monetization of carbon assets and offsets, educational gift card products, global event and festival sponsorship opportunities and creation and management of (CSR) Corporate Social Responsibility services, for medium to large enterprises.

One of the specific marketing initiatives OMAAT has developed and launched is “Dance for One Meter” – (D41M) ( a social movement and meme created by “One Meter at a Time”. It is dedicated to combating rainforest deforestation through partnerships with global scale festivals, nightclubs and events, attended annually by millions of Millennials. By simply attending a “Dance for One Meter” partnered event, for as little as $1.00 patrons automatically save one square meter of rainforest inclusive in their ticket price. Every purchase represents 1 square meter and the opportunity to own a CuipoCoin saved in their name and accessible via a preferred Crypto wallet. The land ownership is then recorded on a Blockchain ledger for transparency of the transaction. In addition, using Satellite and Google Earth technology, each individual can redeem and zoom into their exact coordinates on the Cuipo Foundation Rainforest Preserve in Central and South America. This consumer data base creates a large scale social media opportunity, to further share our Rainforest initiatives.

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Omaat/cuipo Timeline

D41M launches

Dance for One Meter: every ticket sold preserves rainforest

MAR 2018

1 billion sqm cuipo rainforest preservation campaign launches

MAY 2018

Cuipo joins consensys (etheruem) social impact coalition

SEPT 2018

Cuipo utility token launch